CTS offer customer optimum repair support. To ensure quick and hassle-free repairs and maintenance of our products, please observe the following:


All CTS scanners products supply one year warranty and commences upon delivery to customer. This correspondingly applies in the event of procust replacement. Warranty service is performed free of charge and in a manner determined by CTS.

The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of our product if following situation

    1. Products damaged through misuse or improper operation

    2. Damage to driver board due to improper laser power or improper adjustment

    3. Damage to optical components (mirrors, objective, etc.) caused by improper handling or cleaning

    4. Altered products

    5. Products that have the warranty seal broken

    6. Consequential damages

Repair Costs

Repair costs are individually calculated in accordance with the replacement parts and labour time required. Therefore, the repair costs cannot be estimated until the product has arrived at our site.

Shipping Costs

We will cover the return transport costs on products repaired under warranty. For all other transport costs the sender will be responsible. We will accept no costs for any freight collect shipments, the sender will receive an invoice for any occurring charges which may amount.

Repair Time

We will perform the requested repair upon your approval of the cost estimate. Repairs are generally completed within one weeks;Replacement are generally completed within three working day.

If you need information or files that we do not provide on this homepage, please contact our sales/marking team