Optical products

Optical products include Beam expander, F-theta lens which usually integrate with the laser scanner head for laser marking application. Different laser wavelength or laser source require different optical type, for laser marking application, usually include two kinds of laser wavelength, CO2 laser source wavelength 10.6μm; YAG, FIBER, YOV4 laser source wavelength 1.064μm. Following is the most common optical products for laser marking application, these optical products can use with QSH series laser scanner easily and get the perfect marking perfection.

Laser Beam expander can change the dimensions of the laser bean and minimize the divergence of laser beam. In laser processing, using the expander to minimize the divergence of laser beam so that parallel beam and small spot by focal lens.

Fixed ZnSe beam expander

F Theta Lens are commonly used in conjunction with laser scanner head in laser engraving, cutting, and marking systems. F-theta lens can make laser beam unifrom and focus due to the radial image height equals to focal length of the lens multiplied by the angle of the chief ray makes in the object space. Typically the F theta distortion of this lens is kept less than 1% so that it produces a precise spot on the flat field on image plane.

F-theta lens

CTS is the market leader in galvanometer based optical scanning components and supporting products. Our products provide superior scanning performance to a wide variety of applications including laser marking, engraving, drilling and any application where laser beam steering is required.