Galvo Scanners

The exceptional dynamics of QGM series laser scanners are the result of eleven years of experience in developing and manufacturing laser scanners, scanning systems and scanning solutions for industrial use on Home market.

Our laser scanners are high-performance rotary motors for optical galvanometer applications. They has lower cross axis wobble, higher signal-to-noise position detection and faster step response.

The laser scanners are equipped with heaters and temperature sensors. This allows temperature stabilization for further enhancing long-term stability, even under fluctuating ambient conditions.

The high quality of QGM series laser scanners base on during each assembly step, every galvo is rigorously tested and then burned in to ensure the highest quality. this enables error-free operation in long-term and continuous use.

Comprehensive measurements on custom test benches assure that the highest level of quality is continuously maintained.

laser Scanners Description

The QGM series laser scanners are high-performance rotary motors for optical applications with apertures 5mm-35mm.The high stable, high accuracy and high speed optical laser scanning has been realized by the main parts motor and driver which are of our own design.

Guide Laser Scanners by Beam Aperture

Following list the popular range of mirror apertures for each laser scanner galvanometer mode, applicable reflection wavelength with mirror YAG/FIBER(1.064μm), CO2(10.6μm), 1550nm, 532nm, 355nm. CTS provides supporting products that include XY mirrors, Laser Scanner Drivers Board and power supply.Laser Scanning Galvos QGM8211 (aperture: 8mm 10mm)

Application: High positioning speed and precision accuracy; Marking on flying or static with FIBER/YOV4;Laser lighting demonstration.

Laser Scanning Galvos QGM6115 (aperture: 10mm 12mm)

Application: High positioning speed and precision accuracy; Marking on flying or static with CO2/YAG laser marking machine.

Laser Scanning Galvos QGM6110 (aperture: 12mm 14mm)

Application: Compact with high speed accuracy; Marking on fly or static with CO2/YAG with more big aperure, laser engraving and cutting.

Laser Scanning Galvos QGM6002 (aperture: 16mm 20mm)

Application: High laser power laser marking/engraving/cutting with CO2/YAG.

Laser Scanning Galvos QGMS6006 (aperture: 25mm 32mm)

Application: 3 Axis dynamic focusing system, high laser power marking/Engraving/cutting/drilling

Main Features

    • High System Performance and Reliability Over Time

    • Fast, Accurate and Affordable Galvos

    • Smallest, Fastest Solution in the Industry

    • Mirror Apertures from 5mm to 35 mm

    • Including Flexure Based Galvos for Long Life

    • Small Package with High Torque/Inertia Ratio

    • Best cost per performance Galvanometer

    • Infinite Life Flexure Technology High Duty Cycles

    • High Position Accuracy and Repeatability at high speed

CTS is the market leader in laser scanning galvanometer based optical laser scanning components and supporting products. Our products provide superior laser scanning performance to a wide variety of applications including laser marking, engraving, drilling and any application where laser beam steering is required.