Laser scanner head

The exceptional dynamics of QSH series laser marking scanners head are the result of five years of experience in developing and manufacturing laser scanners, laser scanning systems and scan solutions for industrial use on Home market.

Our QSH series laser scanner head equipped with QGM series laser scanning galvanometer which are high-performance rotary motors for optical applications. They has lower cross axis wobble, higher signal-to-noise position detection and faster step response.

The high quality of QSH series laser scanner head base on during each assembly step, every galvo is rigorously tested and then burned in to ensure the highest quality. this enables error-free operation in long-term and continuous use.

Comprehensive measurements on custom test benches assure that the highest level of quality is continuously maintained.

Laser Scanner Head Description

High-speed QSH series optical laser scanners are equipped with both analog or digital interface. The standard input beam aperture 3mm-35mm is available to meet the requirements of various markets at various wavelength on load and offer ideal matching devices for the integrated-equipment companies.

Nowadays some specifications of laser scanner galvanometer, laser scanning controllers and its software have ranked top in the international market.

Guide Laser Scanner Head by Beam Aperture

QSH series laser scanner head has five kinds of 2D high speed laser scanner head for laser marking/engraving/cutting application with aperture 5mm-35mm. All of the laser scanning head supports laser marking on the fly and high speed accurate marking can meet various laser source according to different clean aperture. Applicable reflection mirrior wavelength: CO2 10.6μm, FIBER/YAG 1.064μm, 1550nm, 532nm, 355nm.

Laser scanner head QFH10(aperture:10mm)

Application: Most compact; Ultra high speed and precision with FIBER/YOV4 laser.

Laser scanner head QSH0810(aperture:8mm/10mm)

Application: High positioning speed and precision accuracy; Marking on flying or static with FIBER/YOV4.

Laser scanner head QSH1012(aperture:12mm/14mm)

Application: High positioning speed and precision accuracy; Marking on flying or static with CO2/YAG.

Laser scanner head QSH1214(aperture: 12mm/14mm)

Application: Laser marking/engraving with high speed accuracy, used with CO2/YAG.

Laser scanner head QSH1620(aperture: 16mm/20mm)

Application: Laser marking, engraving, cutting and drilling with high CO2 laser tube.

3 Axis Dynamic Focusing System

Application: Dynamic focusing, more than 1200mm x1200mm marking scope with high laser power

Main Features

    • Ideally suited for applications requiring very high writing speeds

    • Industry's Ultra compact in size,integrate all scan components in a sealed housing

    • Marks at speeds up to 450 characters per second in either static (index) or dynamic (tracking) laser-marking applications

    • Designed for OEM/ODM and system integrators

    • Rugged, Sealed, Plug and Play Module

    • All scan heads are also available (without housings)

CTS's 2D scanner head QSH0810 and QSH1012 can offer different color for scanner outside cabinet, color include BLACK, RED and SILVER GARY for suit for client's different machine color. Contact our technical engineer for special color.

CTS is the market leader in galvanometer based optical laser scanning components and supporting products. Our products provide superior scanning performance to a wide variety of applications including laser marking, engraving, drilling and any application where laser beam steering is required.

With high standards in research and development, manufacturing and customer satisfaction, CTS guarantee the best performance cost consistency for the high quality systems demanded in today's competitive marketplace. Contact our engineer to discuss your scanner head requirement or request detailed datasheet.