Who We Are?

Cntscanners company(CTS) was founded in 2000, we have been developing and manufacturing high quality laser scanning galvanometer and laser scanner head for laser marking industry. With more than 11 years rich experiences and ambitious team, we has the high quality equipment and best testing instrument, advanced quality management system, and stable manufacturing procedures, which guarantees the reliability and consistency of our products.

At present, the main production include High Accurate and High Speed Laser Scanning Galvanometer, 2D Laser Scanner Heads, 3 Axis dynamic focusing Laser scanning system which widely use for the application of laser marking system, laser rapid prototyping, laser show, laser engraving, laser welding, laser cutting, laser therapy etc. With the advantages of reliability, leading quality, cost performance, we've won high recognition, trust, and long-term stable cooperation. about us learn more>>

Laser Scanner Products Services

Laser scanning products provide superior scanning performance to a wide variety of applications including laser marking, engraving, drilling and any application where laser beam steering is required. All of the laser scanner head supports laser marking on the fly and high speed accurate marking can meet various laser source according to different aperture from 5mm-32mm. Applicable reflection mirrior wavelength: CO2 10.6μm, FIBER/YAG 1.064μm, 1550nm, 532nm, 355nm.

CTS provides high-quality laser scanning production for end-customers with various laser marking/engraving applications. Moreover, it offers ideal matching devices for the integrated-equipment companies, such as laser marking/engraving/cutting/welding and laser medical machine, etc.

Eleven years experiences enables us to provide acutely optimized solutions specific to your requirements whether based on high performance, low cost, high stability, extreme environment, or whatever other marking problem you may have that needs solving.

Our extensive portfolio of laser scanning products, engineers, and support team are ready to help bring you the best of both worlds. Our laser scanning products enjoy part market share in China in the fields of laser marking industry, laser surface engraving machine and our excellent quality control and service have won good reputation and wide-support from international laser field.