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Galvanometer Scanner QGM6006

Laser scanning galvanometer QGM6006 offers superior positioning speed and higher resolution accuracy and repeatability of any moving magnet galvanometer with typical beam diameters between 25 and 32 mm.
All Position Detector specifications apply with QSB servo driver after a 30 second warm-up. All angles are in mechanical degrees. Consult manual for complete operating instructions.

Laser Scanning Galvanometer Parameter

Mechanical scan angle +/-16 degree(32°)
Rotor Inertia:  6.4 gm*cm2, +/-10%
Torque Constant:  2.54X105dyne-cm/amp, +/-10%
Maximum Coil Temperature: 110°C
Thermal Resistance (Coil to Case): 0.75°C/Watt, Max
Coil Resistance: 1.0 Ohms, +/-10%
Coil Inductance: 280uH, +/-10%
Back EMF Voltage: 0.44mV/degree/sec, +/-10%
RMS Current: 7.5 Amperes at Tcase of 50°C, Max
Peak Current: 25 Amperes, Max
Small Angle Step Response Time: 900 µs with balanced inertia matched load
Linearity: 99.9%
Scale Drift: 50PPM/°C, Maximum
Zero Drift: 10 microradians/°C, Maximum
Repeatability, Short Term: 8 microradians
Output Signal, Common Mode: 970 microamperes with AGC voltage of 10VDC, +/-20%
Output Signal, Differential Mode: 22 µA/degree, at common mode current 970 µA, +/- 20%