Laser Scanner Head QFH10

Laser scanner head QFH10 designed for ultra fast and accurate marking/engraving application of FIBER laser  application, it is compact and use the sealed house mount platforms, with the advantage high flexibility and high actual position, QFH10 can bring fast speed and precise marking effect for industrial laser application and use for application that require compact design.

Laser Scanner Head Constituent

There are two kinds of QFH10 scanner head according output signal, QFH10A is analogy signal output signal and QFH10D is digital output signal. Following is the main parts included for standard scanner head.
  • Cabinet house(aluminum nature color)
  • XY mount inside
  • D/A converter card(QFH10D)
  • X axis, Y axis QGM series galvanometer scanners
  • F-theta lens bracket M85X1
  • QSD driver board for X/Y galvanometer
  • Mounting flange
  • Electric connectors
  • Standard cable 3M
  • 15V power supply

Main Features

  • Compact design with sealed house cabinet
  • Industry fast and precise marking/coding
  • Ultra-high speed marking on the fly
  • Used for Fiber laser marking 
  • Factory turned
  • Versions with analog or digital standard interfaces are available


Aperture size 10mm
Marking speed1 2.5m/s
Tracking error 0.12ms
Step response time(1% full scale)2 0.35ms
Repeatably <22μrad
Typical scan angle(±5V) ±10º max. ±16º
Position signal scale factor 0.5v/degree
Zero offset < 5mrad
Gain error < 5mrad
Skew < 1.5mrad
Linearity 99.9%
Digital interface XY2-100 standard
Analog interface ±5V ±5mA
Power supply ±15VDC max.3A
Working temperature 25º ± 10º C
Weight 1.9kg
1: Single 1mm characters, simple font with F-theta 160mm 
2: Setting to within 1% position

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More specific inside view

QFH10 side view QFH10 bottom view