QSB Driver board

CTS has three kinds of Single Analog servo drive board for different laser marking scanner head point for your application. Low noise, High Power; Low cost, High Performance, Class 1 Integrating and Class 0 Non-Integrating Analog Drivers. With eleven years experiences, QSB series driver board provide, high performance output amplification, advanced notch filter modules and power supply configurations to provide the ultimate in closed loop galvanometer system bandwidth and step response times.


  • Compact size for easy Integration
  • System conditioning and status monitoring
  • Extremely accurate positioning 
  • Excellent time and temperature stability
  • Verify system status by two color LED
  •  Flexible and plenty interface for application


Analog Input Impedance 200K +/- 1% ohms(Single Ended) ; 400K +/- 1% ohms (Differential)
Analog Output Impedance 1K +/- 1% ohms (for all other observation outputs)
Position Input Scale Factor 0.5 volt/mechanical degree
Position Input Range +/- 5 volts;+/- 10 volts(optional)
Position Offset Range +/- 5 volts
Position Output Scale Factor 0.5 volt/degree
Error Output Scale Factor 0.5 volt/degree
Velocity Output Scale Factor Analog output (scaled by position differentiator gain)
Power Supply Requirements  +/- 15 to +/- 28VDC  configurations available
Maximum Drive Current Limit 10 amps peak; 5 amps rms (power supply and load dependent) 
Operating Temperature Range 0-50º C

With high standards in research and development, manufacturing and customer satisfaction, CTS guarantee the best performance cost consistency for the high quality systems demanded in today's competitive marketplace. Contact our engineer to discuss your scanner head requirement.